Welcome to Heaven’s Cures offering Sacred Organic Wellness Options

Welcome to Heaven’s Cures offering Sacred Organic Wellness Options

Welcome to Heaven’s Cures offering Sacred Organic Wellness OptionsWelcome to Heaven’s Cures offering Sacred Organic Wellness OptionsWelcome to Heaven’s Cures offering Sacred Organic Wellness Options

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Due to the expenses of creating these products We can not accept refunds

We are making no medical claims however there are medical studies on each ingredient Offered within these products that support promoting 


Theres also scientific studies promoting the other methods We work with using sound energy vibrtions LIGHT & Pure LOVE.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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Detail of Services

Organic custom made naturopathic salves * tealixirs* sprays * tinctures* and other creations that promote wellness.Spiritual practices offering homeopathic naturopathic options including sound therapy, crystal therapy, energy clearing, rejuvenation of energy, Kosmoenergy, Events, Såcred Concerts, Botany Courses, Guided meditations, 

Booking Heaven’s Cures for Events

Please communicate what it is specifically Heaven’s Cures creator AMAYAIJAH is being booked for.


Sacred Concert 


Relax Rejuvenation Group Session

Vortex of LIGHT Group Session

Buisness Event

Botany Class

Spiritual Guidance Group Session

Oracle Guidance Group Session

Sacred Yoga Class

Divine Touch with Sound Journey

Group Activation Session

Sound Journey Meditation


Oracle for Corporate Event

Concert for Corporate Event

We Sustain Earth

We Sustain Earth is Our 501c3 

please visit WeSustainEarth.org to find out more.

We are working with others who are licensed and add cbd to Products We create. Healthy Greens

There are licensed despenceries that are working with Heaven’s Cures to provide CBD options, We create the products and they do the CBD or whatever else they are providing legally and adding it to the products after We created them. There are new products being made through partnerships and once they are able to be purchased a link will be shared. You won’t be able to purchase products infused with the partners Ingrediants of cbd or cannabis through Heaven’s Cures directly as We do not sell or make the items with cbd or Cannabis in them. Healthy Greens dispensary is a valued partner with Heaven’s Cures. They continue to work together  with Us to provide cbd for those who are in need of the added boost.

Healing Gardens

We have plenty of natural.l wellness options available all around Us even within. Takes feeling worthy of stepping into the I can movement of accepting the role of doer. Embrace what is growing what can grow allow the purity of the gardens to expand so that sustaining organically is optional. Lessen poisons such as chemicals and see those dandelions as sacred wellness awaiting to be embraced to help through natural wellness needs. Looking closely at the trees growing around thee. What there  leaves have been used for and scientifically studied as wellness option for. Look deep into the uses of roots,barks, flowers, seek the answers of what grows naturally and embrace even growing in the home or apartment. Reawaken to the excitements that happen whe you are able to become sustained with what you were able to help create naturally. 

I am am not saying to avoid doctors, Include them in your journeys let them learn and embrace plant medicine also as they to can learn so much whe embracing the most pure ways of wellness options.


Site Content


Details of Services

 Creations for specific needs  

Sound Healings

Oracle Tranformational Events

Organic Salves,Elixirs,Teas,Satchets

Private Sessions

Botany Classes

Sacred Yoga

 Crystal Vortex of LIGHT 

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